10 Tips To Choose The Most Relevant Banner Ads To Engage And Convert

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Relevant Ad Banners

Your audience is living in a world of visual marketing. This can range from billboards, to digital media campaigns featuring relevant banner ads. The one common element in all these formats? How incredibly effective they can be.

But not every brand has the spending power of SMEs or Enterprises. If you’re a startup with a small team, like some of HYOV’s members, your resources are being dedicated to bootstrapping and growing your businesses. So, when it comes to ad designs, you’re looking for 3 common requirements – relevance, quality, and affordability.

Not sure how to gauge these factors? At HYOV we have you covered when it comes to quality and affordability. Here’s how you can be sure your ads are relevant:

1. Make Messages Clear

Typography is so much more than just text. For example, elegant typography that clearly defines the objective of an ad is a good choice if you want to position your offering as a safe and trusted solution. It’s important to present your text copy in a way that reinforces your value proposition.

2. Convey Branding

Regardless of the goal of your ad (e.g. engagement, conversion, lead generation, etc.) it should include your brand assets. They’re important to remind your target audience about you in a distinctive way.

3. Incentivize Your Audience

More than just eye-catching designs, incentivizing your target audience to act is crucial. Make sure the design you are using allows you to position your offers in prominent ways. And make your offers easy to take advantage of. Incorporate information such as coupon codes that will incite your audience to take an action and convert in a moment.

4. Grab Attention

Choose a simple yet attention-grabbing color combination and image. At the same time, be careful that your color combination and image do not overshadow your text copy. They need to complement each other. Cuppa Yo’s orange logo branding effort achieves exactly this. They use this technique to create not just a brand, but a culture – happiness.

5. Generate Some Buzz

Sampling is traditionally used as a technique to promote products that are new in a market. While the products are free, the designs should not be compromised in any way that diminishes the strength of the brand.

6. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Some campaign designs achieve this by mixing colors which convey urgency, like red, with words related to a time sensitive offer or event like sale, hurry etc. Examples of this include holiday sale banners, limited offer banners, and promo code banners.

7. Excite Your Consumers

Appeal to the senses to go beyond logic and make your consumers feel compelled to buy. With banner designs that are visually stimulating you can engage your audience’s minds through their eyes. And that will help you influence their intent to purchase. Check out some banners by HYOV to see examples of banner designs that do this.

8. Provide Alternatives

Ads are meant to show consumers what they’re missing out on. To really bring out their FOMO. That’s when they work best. Just look at undergarment brands Tommy John or ThirdLove which focus on enhancing comfort and fixing design flaws in other offerings on the market. They’ve established themselves, cutting into the market share of giants like Victoria Secret. Try this yourself with banner ads that include images and messages emphasizing your product as an alternative.

9. Represent What You Sell

Would you try to sell your product to a health-conscious consumer using pictures of burgers and fries? We’re hoping your answer is no. What you should be emphasizing are ideas that are aligned with your target audience’s values and behaviors. Like organic or natural ingredients in this case, so that your target audience feels connected to your product. It’s a simple concept. And it works. Clearly communicate what you’re selling and you’ll see a clear difference in engagement levels.

10. Get Nostalgic

AdWeek called it – “Nostalgia, that feel-good crowd pleaser of a marketing theme, sells.” It allows brands to build trust by establishing how long they’ve been around and to show that they’re still a meaningful part of culture. Tap into this tactic and get consumers interested in  knowing more about your products and more about your brand.

At HYOV we’re committed to providing high quality designs, that are easy to edit, in every one of our offerings. We deliver this promise with a side of exceptional of customer service. Just drop us a line and see how quickly we’ll address your concerns. You’ll see that this is true whether you download FreebiesFeatured Designs or Premium Designs from our website.

Try us out soon and you’ll get to take advantage of a limited time offer – our most popular membership is now only $1.99 per month. That’s 30 unique downloads every month for just $1.99.

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