Your privacy is important to us. Please read this privacy policy carefully as it outlines how we collect information about site visitors and the manner in which use the information.

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy only governs the way in which collects & uses information and other practices that relate to users’ privacy. Any and all 3rd party practices, services, policies etc. are not covered by this privacy policy, even if links to such 3rd party websites and businesses may appear on the website. The exception is the indemnification of by you concerning the consequences of using the 3rd party links and/or services.

Collection of Information collects two kinds of information; personal and non-personal.

Personal information is that which is unique to you such as your name, email address and credit card number. Please note that will NEVER automatically collect this information. You can choose to provide or to not provide us this information when we request it.

Non-personal information includes information such as IP address, your web browser and the pages you visit on our website. This information is collected automatically, and used an aggregate basis as explained below.

Use of Information

Personal Information

We use personal information for a variety of reasons. For instance, we can use your email address to respond to your query or use your credit card details to charge you for our services. Although you can choose not to provide us your personal information, not providing the information may keep you from using some of our website features or services as we need the personal information to provide certain requested services as described above. When you provide us your personal information, you effectively agree to our using that information according to this privacy policy.


We analyze non-personal information to understand how visitors are using our website, and improve our website’s user experience based on that analysis. We also use this information to personalize certain website features to best suit the needs of our users.

Sharing of Information will never share your information with 3rd parties EXCEPT if such parties are working with to provide the services we offer. Even with such partners, we only share the required information for the specific task(s) for providing the service. All such parties with which we share information concur with this privacy policy and their own privacy policies are compatible with this privacy policy.

We may also share the information if:

  • You authorize us to share the information.
  • We are ordered by a court of law to share the information with it or with a law enforcement agency, or with any party as part of a legal process.
  • The sharing of information is necessary for ensuring the safety of and/or its users.
  • You are in violation of the’s Terms of Use, or of any other rules & regulations implied by

Retention of Information will only hold on to the personal information of its users for the time required to accomplish the purpose for which the information was collected, or for the time-frame as determined by applicable law.


By providing us your personal information you effectively consent to our privacy policy. Hence, you are requested not to provide us your personal information if you do not agree to this privacy policy in part or in entirety. In case you do not agree to this privacy policy but have already provided the personal information, please contact us immediately.

Security utilizes a range of security features from SSL encryption to firewalls to physical protection measures for providing a secure website for its users. However, it is not possible to create any place on the internet that is a 100% safe. As such, cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or botheration caused by a breach of security on our website or servers.

Updating the Privacy Policy reserves the right to modify this privacy policy without prior notice, whenever we consider it necessary. You are strongly advised to keep revisiting this privacy policy so you can see any changes made, which we will highlight for one week from the time such changes are made. Your use of this website construes your acknowledgement, understanding and agreement to the latest version of this privacy policy.

Feedback and Queries

Please feel free to contact us regarding any queries or feedback regarding this privacy policy.