Thanksgiving Banner Ads To Help Kick Off Your Holiday Marketing

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Thanksgiving Banner Ads

Thanksgiving is around the corner – only 4 weeks away. You know what this means.

Consumers are getting ready to spend time with their families, gather around a delicious meal and give thanks for all they have. Just before they break all existing records for sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as they shop for the holidays.

And who are we kidding – some of us are just shopping because the deals are too good to miss.

In 2016, shoppers spent $1.9 billion online on Thanksgiving alone. They spent an additional $3.3 billion on Black Friday, according to Adobe.

The 2017 holiday marketing season was even more lucrative. A TrendSource survey shows that 54% of internet users in North America completed the bulk of their 2017 holiday shopping by Cyber Monday. Meanwhile Shopify reports that mobile sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday accounted for 64% of orders overall. This was an increase of 10% year-over-year from 2016 to 2017.

Bearing all this in mind, many marketers devote the bulk of their ad spend to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad campaigns. Last minute shoppers can be an expensive and risky gamble to devote  ad spend to.

If you’re a marketer or entrepreneur, you’re well aware that you’ve got a month to go to the biggest sales events of the year. No doubt you’ll be working day and night to prepare. Coming up with the right messaging and the perfect offers, call-to-actions, and effectively designed banner ads is no easy task.

But it is possible. If you haven’t gotten started on your holiday marketing strategy, there’s no time like the present. Especially as we’re giving away holiday themed banner ad designs for free at HYOV. Check out some of our Thanksgiving themed designs below:

Pilgrims, Cornucopias & More

Turkeys, pilgrims, Squanto, the Mayflower, and cornucopias are things that represent Thanksgiving dinner and traditions. Incorporating these into your banner ads will allow you to tap into the nostalgia and sentiments of the season.Thanksgiving Themed Banner Ads

Thanksgiving History

Ads that draw on obscure parts of a holiday’s history or traditions can make a positive impact on your Thanksgiving marketing campaign performance. There’s novelty in raising awareness of a historical event, or a person, or details that people aren’t aware of. This can make your campaign stand out, especially when your banner ads are well-designed, balancing imagery, messages and Thanksgiving themed color palettes.

It’s All About The Turkey

Some audiences react and engage better when an ad focuses on a single character or food that they feel connected to. Like turkey. Banner ads that use a turkey as a focal point are especially relevant for delis, grocers, bakeries and restaurants. Any vendor serving up turkey, or another part of a Thanksgiving meal, as part of their holiday menus can use this approach effectively.

Turkey Themed Banner Ads

Get A Little Flashy

Banner ad designs, like the ones below, can engage customers without being overpowering. A little bit of flash and shimmer to catch the eye go a long way. Especially when they complement the offer prominently displayed with the ad copy. Designing with this kind of subtlety takes the practiced eye of an experienced designer.

Thanksgiving Day Sale

You can download all of the above Thanksgiving banner ad templates (and more) for just $1.99 with a HYOV Membership

Need some help with your prep for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and Boxing Day too? We’ve got you covered with more banners by HYOV – and some of them are even Freebies!

Happy holiday marketing!



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