1. The HYOV License grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the digital work you have purchased the license to use.
  2. You are licensed to use the digital work to create unlimited End Product for yourself or for one single client.
  3. An End Product is one of the following things, both requiring an application of skill and effort.
    1. For an Item that is a template, the End Product is a customized implementation of the Item (e.g. the item is a social media design template and the final customized post is your social media post).
    2. For other types of Item, an End Product is a work that incorporates the Item as well as other things, so that it is larger in scope and different in nature than the Item (e.g. a button which is used on a landing page).
  4. You can transfer End Products to your client for any fee. This license is then transferred to your client. You can only sell the End Products to one client.
  5. You can make any number of copies of the End Products, as long as the copies are distributed for Free.
  6. You can modify, manipulate or combine the Item with other works and make a derivative work from it. The resulting works are subject to the terms of this license. All End Products you then create are permitted under clause 3.
  7. You can’t re-distribute the Item (whether it is modified or not) as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files.
  8. You can’t use the Item in any application allowing an end user to customize a digital or physical product to their specific needs, such as an “on demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” application.
  9. You can’t extract and use a single component of an Item on a stand-alone basis.
  10. You must not permit an end user of the End Products to extract the Item and use it separately from the End Products.
  11. You can’t use an Item in a logo, trademark, or service mark.
  12. For some Items, a component of the Item will be sourced and different license terms may apply, such as someone else’s license or an open source or creative commons license. If so, the component will be identified by HYOV in the Item’s description page or in the Item’s downloaded files. The other license will apply to that component instead of this license. This license will apply to the rest of the Item.
  13. You can only use the Item for lawful purposes.
  14. Items that contain digital versions of real products, trademarks or other intellectual property owned by others have not been property released. It is your responsibility to consider whether your use of these Items requires a clearance and if so, to obtain that clearance from the intellectual property rights owner.
  15. This license can be terminated if you breach it. If that happens, you must stop making copies of or distributing the End Products until you remove the Item from it.
  16. HYOV retains ownership of the Item but grants you the license on these terms. This license is between HYOV and you.